Best of Late Night: Dana Carvey Plays John Bolton With a ‘Hair Trigger,’ Emphasis on Hair


In an interview with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” Dana Carvey portrayed John R. Bolton, the incoming national security adviser.


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Dana Carvey as John Bolton

Dana Carvey impersonated John R. Bolton, President Trump’s incoming national security adviser, in an interview with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” Wednesday night. It was a bit reminiscent of Carvey’s famous impression of the first President George Bush — but a few notches more ludicrous.

Colbert asked “Bolton,” who is known for his far-right views and is said to act abusively toward co-workers, for reassurance that he was not gunning for pre-emptive war with North Korea or Iran. The interview began with Carvey’s character pleading innocence, but it didn’t take long to fly off the rails.

By the end, his face was covered in an overgrown mustache, and he was attempting to breast-feed a golden retriever puppy.

Video by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Here’s how it started.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Ambassador Bolton, thank you for joining us.

DANA CARVEY: Oh, my pleasure, Stephen. It’s very important to me that nobody thinks President Trump is handing the keys to the war machine to some sort of hair-trigger lunatic.

COLBERT: Well, that is very reassuring, sir.

CARVEY: Because if I heard someone say that, I’d blow them up quick.

Midway through the interview, Colbert noticed something suspicious going on with his interviewee’s facial hair.

COLBERT: I feel like I do have to ask: Is your mustache getting larger?

CARVEY: Oh yeah, don’t worry about that — General Snowball here just gets a bit engorged when he smells a war coming on. You want action, don’t you boy? [pets mustache] Easy, fellow. Here, have some shampoo. [pulls out bottle]

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