3-Year-Old Dies After Mass Stabbing at Her Birthday Party, Authorities Say

A 3-year-old girl who was among nine people stabbed at her birthday party in Idaho over the weekend has died from her injuries, the police said on Monday.

The girl was celebrating her birthday at an apartment complex in Boise on Saturday night when a man who had recently been ejected from the complex returned and came upon the toddler’s outdoor party just a few doors down from where he had been staying, the Boise Police Department said.

The man, Timmy Earl Kinner, 30, was charged on Monday with murder and eight counts of aggravated battery. He appeared in court and was ordered held without bail.

The Ada County Public Defender’s Office, which is representing Mr. Kinner, did not immediately return a request for comment on Monday.

By Monday, one child had been treated at the hospital and released. Seven victims remained in the hospital, many with serious injuries, the police said.

The attack happened at the Wylie Street Station Apartments, home to a diverse community including refugees and families with children. The stabbing victims were from Ethiopia, Iraq and Syria, according to the police, who have said there was no evidence the attack was a hate crime.

The authorities said Mr. Kinner had been a temporary resident at the apartment complex; a resident had allowed him to stay at her apartment after he said he needed a place to go.

But Mr. Kinner was asked to leave the complex on Friday, after that resident and neighbors became concerned with his behavior, the police said.

Mr. Kinner left peacefully, but went back to the complex on Saturday for revenge, William L. Bones, the police chief in Boise, said at a news conference on Sunday.

Mr. Kinner returned “to exact vengeance not just on those that he had been with, as they were not at the apartment, but at any target which was available,” Chief Bones said. “The tragedy,” he said, was that the birthday party was near where Mr. Kinner had stayed.

Mr. Kinner has an extensive criminal history spanning multiple states and has spent time in prison, Chief Bones said.

An Ada County deputy prosecutor said on Monday that Mr. Kinner was homeless, according to The Idaho Statesman. The newspaper reported that Mr. Kinner had been in Utah in April and California before that.

9 Injured in Mass Stabbing at Idaho Apartment Complex, Police Say

A man has been charged in connection with a mass stabbing in Idaho on Saturday night that injured nine, including six children, at an apartment complex that housed refugees, the police said.

The police in Boise said they responded to a call of a man with a knife at about 8:45 p.m. and found the victims in and around the complex. Four received life-threatening injuries.

Timmy KinnerCreditAda County Sheriff’s Office

The authorities did not identify the victims or elaborate about where the refugees were from. The police could not immediately be reached for additional comment on Sunday.

The police charged Timmy Kinner of Los Angeles with multiple counts of battery and injury to a child. The police said Mr. Kinner, 30, was a temporary resident at the apartment complex and was asked to leave on Friday.

The authorities said he was not a refugee and a motive for the attack was unclear.

“As you can imagine, the witnesses in the apartment complex along with the rest of our community are reeling from this attack,” William L. Bones, the police chief, said in a statement. “This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time.”

Chief Bones told The Idaho Statesman, “We haven’t had anything involving this amount of victims in a single act in Boise in the history of the department.”